St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Ministry & Parish Group Contacts


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Altar Servers
Contact: Dave Krut
Phone: 770-974-3665


Altar Art and Flowers Guild

Contact:Brenda Strauss 770-445-6229 

Contact: Mary Jean Nelson Phone: 770-421-0751

Charismatic Prayer Group
Contact: Maira Siri-Rodriguez
Phone: 678-704-1157


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Contact: Debbie Chisholm
Phone: 770-443-0566


Finance Council

Contact: Tony McCann
Phone: 770-443-0566


Home Enthronements
Contact: Bob Babecka
Phone: 770-439-5939


Home School Support
Contact: Theresa Dodd
Phone: 770-505-4868


Hospitality - Welcoming Coordinator
Contact:  Brenda Strauss

Phone:  770-445-6229


Knights of Columbus

Contact Steve Pfaff
Phone: 770-480-0569 

Lawn Maintenance

Contact: Al Stumm
Phone: 770-590-7905


Contact: Al Strumm
Phone: 770-590-7905


Marriage Ministry
Contact: Volunteer Needed
Phone: 770-443-0566


Ministry Scheduling
Contact: Nancy Chisholm
Phone: 404-630-4030 


Ministry to the Homebound
Contact: Deacon Jim McDermott
Phone: 770-443-0566 

Music Ministries
Contact: Jeff Comer
Phone: 770-443-0566


Natural Family Planning
Contact: Bob Babecka
Phone: 770-439-5939



Contact: Suzanne Fraga
Phone: 404-285-1071


Parish Social Committee

Contact: Nancy Calta 770-443-0195 


Prayer Line

Contact Fran Cohen
Phone 678-372-1950


Pro-Life/Respect Life Committee
Contact: Michael & Michelle Wolven
Phone: 770-445-5855 


Religious Education
Contact: Nancy Chisholm, Director of Elementary Education
Phone: 770-443-0566 or


Contact: Martha Vahanian

Director of Middle and High School 

Phone: 770-443-0566 or Email



Contact: Jeanie Blowers
Phone: 770-652-4242


Set-up Ministry
Contact: Jan Evangelista

Phone:  770-377-1832 


Special Projects
Contact: Staff Member
Phone: 770-443-0566


St. Vincent de Paul Society
Volunteers Contact: Carmen Amodio 
Assistance Help Line: 770-443-1533

Thrift Store: 678-388-0855 


Contact: Randy Brown
Phone: 770-401-7527


Women's Altar Rosary Guild 

Contact: Terrie Fraga 

Phone: 770-851-2652